Hello! So today I decided to make my first FF when I’ve reached a certain amount of followers, and so I did! These blogs are the ones that followed me, and I also followed them. Pink-highlighted blogs are my tumblr crushes (their edits and posts are just amazing), brown-highlighted blogs are my friends or family members, and light-brown-highlighted blogs are the blogs that have almost all of my fandoms stuffs (and it makes me really happy). Most of these awesome blogs are K-pop related, but some of them are also multi-fandoms (and I love multi-fandom blogs). 

Special thanks to drapple5evur because you’re just the best lil shit ever in this world and thanks for ruining my life because of your fandoms. 

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Happy 6th Anniversary to my girls 소녀시대! I’ve only been a S♡NE for 18 months but I feel like I’ve been a fan since the start. Everyday you 9 girls make me happy and everyday you guys make me proud. I am so proud and so happy to be able to call myself a S♡NE. Our fandom has it’s up and downs but we all join hands together when it comes to you. I will be a S♡NE until the end, no matter what. You make my life complete. 



Kim Taeyeon supahhh kick!

Sunny’s reaction, priceless:


130720 Girls Generation world tour in Taiwan

cr: completebliss

89.08.01 Happy Birthday Miyoung!

Hwang Miyoung Instructional Manual—> Miyoung is organized, you can let her become your manager. [experience: being soshi’s real sub manager. Can control 8 dorky girls.] She has an angel voice, may cause eargasm if she sings to you. Natural overflowing aeygo that can not be stopped no matter what you do. WARNING: her beautiful eye smile may cause heart damage, uncontrollable spazzing and or might cause death. Provide her with all the pink things you can find, if not face your fate… DEATH. 

Happy Birthday, my role model, unnie, and bb angel. You have brought me happiness in my life at the saddest times and the happiest times. Your smile brightens my life everyday single day. Your cuteness has me squealing for minutes at a time. Your perfect voice echoes in my head everyday. You have changed my life drastically since day one, and I really appreciate you coming into my world. Thank you for everything Tiffany. I love you.